Tuesday, August 12, 2008

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What is Agar-agar Cake? ( Jelly Cake )

Agar-agar either come in strips or powdered. They're mainly used in Asian homes to make jelly and can be found easily as compared with gelatin. It is getting more popular here in Malaysia cos the Muslims can use it without worrying its source since they're made from certain type of algae or seaweed. The texture of this jelly is kinda firm and one can actually use toothpick or fork to pick them up as compared with jello.

To adapt to today’s health-conscious lifestyle, JellyCakeHouse.com offers you a new choice of low-cholesterol cake mainly made from jelly, pandan and water with richer vitamins and nutrients. Our special home made jelly cake with plenty of creativity will give you a delightful moment for any of your occasion each time! With over 150 different designs to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice! A full array of jelly cake with different designs is available now online at www.JellyCakeHouse.com for all types of celebration & function dining.

The cake is actually made from layers of clear and santan (coconut milk) agar-agar. The clever usage of vegetable colourings actually made it looked very nice and interesting. As for the taste, its really nice and firm. Its indeed something different from the usual birthday cakes with creams. Great for children parties as its not messy at all.